Folding door system, WingLine 77

The WingLine 77 foldingdoor system connected to the carcase side makes child‘s play of moving doors weighing even as much as 25 kg. With precisioncontrolled, velvety smooth running action. Bonus: sidemounting with Sensys 8645i fast-assembly concealed hinge.

  • Folding door system, WingLine 77

    Folding door system, WingLine 77

Technical details in brief

  • Folding door system with 2 door panels
  • Overlay door position
  • For wooden doors
  • Suitable for use with soft-closing Sensys hinge
  • Door panel weight up to 25 kg
  • Door height up to 2400 mm
  • Door-panel width up to 500 mm
  • Height adjustment +/- 3 mm
  • Centre panels recessed 40 mm
  • Tested with 40000 cycles

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