A film says more than a thousand words

Quickly communicate complex subject matter by video
Hettich videos explain products, their use or installation procedures in easy-to-understand sequences. The YouTube channel HettichEnglish always provides access to the latest videos. Subscribe to the videos so as not to miss out on new developments and products. Searching by Hettich product name will quickly take you to what you are looking for.

Use Hettich videos on YouTube to inform your customers online
Embed Hettich videos on your own website. You will find the source code to do this below the video on YouTube. Send the links by email or text message or share Hettich videos on your social media channel. The YouTube "Share" function make this very easy to do. Lead customer to the video when you get enquiries on the telephone. Nowadays, the proliferation of smartphones and widespread availability of mobile Internet also make videos constantly available in the workshop and on the building site.

Hettich videos for exhibitions, inhouse shows and presentations
You will find videos for downloading in the Hettich media library. You are welcome to use these for presentation offline. However, please do not upload these videos back onto the Internet.

  • Design for you. Award for us: Sensys and ArciTech

  • Sensys, with integrated soft-closing function.

  • ArciTech

  • Innovative opening function for drawers: Push to open Silent for ArciTech

  • InnoTech

  • Quadro - Incredible strength and absolute precision for perfect results whatever the application

  • Slide it. Love it.

  • InLine XL

  • Concept 2015

  • Intelligent Kitchens: The good fairy

  • e.goal - efficient green ordering and logistics