Hettich received family-friendly company award

Setting store by the flexibility of staff, teams and executives, Hettich's die-casting and injection-moulding plant in Frankenberg offers many different ways of combining work and family life. On 25 April 2012, Hettich's die-casting and injection-moulding plant was honoured by the "Work and Family Life Waldeck-Frankenberg" alliance as being a model company in the family-friendliness stakes. No fewer than 23 companies entered their campaigns and activities in three categories. The judging panel had selected ten contestants to go through to the final round.

Day in, day out, many of the staff put on a truly amazing performance. They manage to balance work, family and partner relationship. Hettich helps to reconcile the two worlds of work and family life in numerous ways. This is where it follows the approach that a family-friendly human resources policy pays its dividends in the long term. The aim is to promote a positive working climate as a means of attracting and retaining well-qualified members of staff. Family orientation is a clear commitment to social and civic responsibility. Together with staff and their line managers, individually tailored solutions are found that are geared to family and work. "Family-friendly companies encourage young people with children to work and live in our district", explained Dr. Reinhard Kubat, Chief Administrative Officer of the Rural District of Waldeck-Frankenberg. This made them a valuable instrument in combatting the shortage of skilled workers and demographic change.

Beate Friedrich, Women's Commissioner and Competition Organiser, Uwe Kleemann, HDS Management, Britta Trompeter, HDS Human Resources Officer, Dr. Reinhard Kubat, Chief Administrative Office of the Rural District of Waldeck-Frankenberg (from left to right).