Product presentation for hardware dealers

Making technology experienceable by all the senses: that is the promise of our models, exhibits and POS displays. And that consists of allowing the trial of useful functions and experiencing the optical and haptic features of modern furniture fittings.

To give as many carpenters, cabinetmakers, joiners, architects, planners and furniture buyers as possible this opportunity, we support our partners in fitting retail by providing models and exhibits. These are available for different product groups and for different room and presentation requirements.

Your Hettich contact or the nearest subsidiary will be happy to help you find out more.

Want to present the functionality of furniture fittings in a convincing manner when visiting customers or at a training event? Our portable hinge, drawer, and sliding door models are your perfect companion – on the road or in the trade show booth, they're always an added value.

Want to equip your showroom? Hettich exhibits offer different solutions for spaces large and small, from a free-standing product line display in just 60x60cm up to a complete set of showroom equipment.

POS displays
Want to support a current campaign with a display at the point of sale? Our POS displays offer you the option of addressing your customers with videos or posters, brochures or catalogues.