Simple, handleless, good:
Push to open for hinges

A gentle press on the door is all it takes for the Push to open push piston to move it into a position that easily lets you get your fingers behind to open it. The door closes by pressing on it again. Depending on use, the door remains in push piston position or swings open widely. The door is closed by pressing on it again.

  • Push to open Pin

    Push to open Pin

  • Push to open Magnet

    Push to open Magnet

  • Design adapter

    Design adapter

  • Three colour options

    Three colour options

  • Adjusting Push to open

    Adjusting Push to open

Technical details in brief

  • For hinges with or without self closing feature
  • Short travel or long travel
  • For drilling on or screwing on
  • Three colour options
  • Designer adapter in high quality zinc die-cast


Installation and assembly

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