ProDecor Handle Collection:

Inspired by Life

Trends change the world. They are the result of constant new directions in society and technology. Trends express personality. Resolutely focusing on the market, the ProDecor handle collection from Hettich provides the basis for individualising furniture in line with the latest trends. Proceeding from intensive market research and futures studies, the Hettich trend forum currently defines the four trend styles of New Modern, Deluxe, Organic and Folk. Discover the trend styles from ProDecor – and the many new ideas for your kitchens and furniture.

  • ProDecor - Amisia

    ProDecor - Amisia

  • ProDecor - Bermeo

    ProDecor - Bermeo

  • ProDecor - Cerra

    ProDecor - Cerra

  • ProDecor - Esbo

    ProDecor - Esbo

  • ProDecor - Essa

    ProDecor - Essa

  • ProDecor - Ponti

    ProDecor - Ponti

  • ProDecor - Ponzone

    ProDecor - Ponzone

  • ProDecor - Rialto

    ProDecor - Rialto

  • ProDecor - Seratao

    ProDecor - Seratao