Technik für Möbel 23 Application Hettich runner systems are suitable for use in living room, kitchen and office furniture both in the home and business environment. Load capacity and over-extension guard The loading capacity stated in the catalogue is understood to mean the weight of the drawer itself including contents in kg and refers to the minimum requirements on durability under DIN EN 15338, Level 1. All Hettich runner systems feature guards to prevent the drawer from rolling out and being removed unintentionally and meet the requirements of the impact test in a test frame to DIN EN 15338. Fitted in the proper manner, the runner systems featured in this catalogue are suitable for furniture defined in DIN 14749. The maximum front-panel height is governed in particular by material, drawer size and drawer runner. We will be pleased to provide any further information you may require. Corrosion test Hettich runner systems satisfy the requirements on corrosion defined in DIN EN 15338, 72-hour condensation-water test to DIN EN 6270. General technical conditions The fitting instructions, screw-fixing points and loading information specified in this catalogue assume proper attachment using Hettich direct fixing screws or Hettich self-taping screws with countersunk of the stated size in a cabinet material providing a screw pull-out resistance of > 1,000 N in accordance with DIN EN 320. Hettich accepts no responsibility for the use of materials or fastening methods other than those stated. If other materials or fastening methods are used, the furniture manufacturer is required to verify the systems load-bearing capacity. General Terms of Sale and Delivery: All products and services will be provided exclusively on the basis of our General Terms of Sale and Delivery published on our website at Technical Information Legal Notice Legal Notice Hettich Marketing- und Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG 32278 Kirchlengern Germany November 2011 We reserve all rights to this catalogue under copyright law. It shall not be permissible to duplicate this catalogue in any form either in whole or in part without our written consent. Subject to technical alterations. Errors and omissions excepted. Subject to colour variations.